* Sensors
Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic
Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Pressure, Gas
Mobile, Home Appliance
Wearable device, Health Care
IoT / Smart home

All electronics application, Mobile, TV, Home Appliance, Consumer, Iot
NOR Flash, NAND Flash, ROM Consumer, Communication, Computing Automotive, networking and other segment markets.
Neuromorphic Chip for AI solution of machine Learning (Edge computing) IoT, Industrial, Home Appliance, Commercial…
MCU+Sensor hub+Voice detection
Display bridge
Lowe power portable FPGA
Mobile, Wearable, Hearable
IoT / Smart home devices
AI speaker, Home appliance
Most of electronic applications
Computer Peripheral ICs :
Audio Codec, Single DAC, USB Codec, Codec Hub
Mobile, Wearable, TV, Home Appliance, Consumer, Iot ...
Power Management
TVS diode, AC&S, LoRa
Cellphone & LCD display
All of electronic applications