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  Qorvo ("kor-vo") enables customers to launch next-generation designs even faster. Our unique combination of talent, technology, scalability and innovation helps you eliminate barriers to bringing your most powerful ideas to market.
"We believe that our new name reflects our company's commitment to keep customers at the center of all that we do," said Bob Bruggeworth, Qorvo president and CEO. "As a new leader in RF solutions, Qorvo will offer the agility, innovation and precision customers need for success in mobile, infrastructure, and defense markets."

Drawing on nearly 30 years of design expertise, Qorvo offers the core technologies for the RF products all around you. From GaAs, GaN, SAW, BAW and CMOS to the processes of the future, our combined products and foundry services from QORVO help you shape and launch your most powerful new ideas for a broad range of mobile, defense and infrastructure applications.

As a company, we now offer you an even larger breadth of innovative RF solutions. You can continue to find industry leading products from QORVO. Whether it's a standard product or custom design fabricated in our advanced foundries, we are committed to providing world-class RF products that boost performance, extend range while reducing size, cost and bill of materials.

We are working diligently to develop a new integrated website to help you quickly find the products and information you need. In the meantime, please use the information below to find products on the websites.
View our products in the following categories:
 - Amplifiers
 -  Control Products
 -  Discrete Transistors & ICs
 -  Filters & Duplexers
 -  Frequency Converters
-  Integrated Modules
-  Optical Components
-  Oscillators
-  Passives
-  Switches

Qorvo products can be found in these applications and many more:
   - Base Stations
   - Cable TV
   - Defense & Aerospace
   - Mobile Phones
- Optical Networks
- Radar
- Satellites
- Tablets